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Tenney T-20RC-3  Temp / Humidity Chamber

208 / 230  1ph.  Versatenn III Controller

Honeywell DR4500 T  Chart Recorder

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Tenney Environmental Chamber
Tenney T-20 Environmental Chamber

Thermotron SM16C  Temp / Humidity
208/230 Volt 1 phase

Complete with Watlow F-4 Controller

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Thermotron Environmental Chamber
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Tenney T-JR (Junior)

1.25 cubic foot

-73C to +200C

Watlow 942 Series 24-step programmer controller

(1) Access port (on side wall)

(2) 1/3 HP cascade refrigeration

115-1-60 Power, 20 Amp Fusing Required

3 Available


Thermotron EL 8    -70 to 180c

230 volt Single phase

Watlow 920 Controller

Over temp Alarm

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